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This year, the Marion Herrman Year-End Campaign is committed to enhancing the energy of our film festival in a very special way.

During the festival, filmmakers receive lodging and food generously provided by our hospitality industry. Few have the means to pay for transportation themselves and must decline our invitations to participate.

We need your help to bring to Sedona the directors, actors, screenwriters and producers involved in creating our festival films.  Year after year our audiences tell us that seeing and hearing filmmakers speak about their work makes screenings vastly more meaningful.  Personally interacting with these talented men and women is an added bonus for everyone and Q&A sessions reveal things we would otherwise never know.  Marion would often speak about how much she loved meeting filmmakers and hosting their screenings. Her goal was to see our festival thrive as a vibrant part of the Sedona cultural scene.

Our filmmakers have always been our honored guests and we are renowned for treating them royally.  After their visits, they share their enthusiasm with others in the business and at festivals around the country — many of which pay their transportation costs. Being competitive would be a huge boost for the Sedona International Film Festival.

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