The Kill Team
Film Info
Category:Don't Look Now! (Anthony Kaufman)
Documentary Feature
Release Year:2013
Runtime:79 min
Production Country:USA
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Cast/Crew Info
Director:Dan Krauss
Producer:Linda Davis
Dan Krauss
Screenwriter:Dan Krauss
Lawrence Lerew
Linda Davis
A compelling and emotional chronicle of American war crimes, this well-crafted documentary examines the infamous U.S. Army infantry platoon, known as the "Kill Team," who were arrested and convicted for killing innocent civilians in Afghanistan. The focal point of the story becomes the case of private Adam Winfield, a whistleblower who may have been a willing participant in the murders. Structuring the film around Winfield’s trial in a U.S. military court, director Dan Krauss forces us to consider whether Winfield is a scapegoat or a killer. What makes The Kill Team more than just another story of human right abuses and horrible injustice is that the answer is probably both. With extraordinary access to members of the platoon, many of whom are serving jail-time, the film presents startling testimony of atrocities committed overseas, revealing a practice called “drop-weapon,” in which soldiers leave machineguns and grenades on those they have murdered to justify their kills. And it's not just this one unit. As one soldier chillingly admits: “This goes on more than just us,” he says, ominously. “We’re just the ones that got caught.” Called "a chilling war-is-hell expose" and "must-see viewing" by Variety, The Kill Team recently won the Best Documentary Prize at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival.