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Film Info
Release Year:2013
Runtime:80 min.
Type of Film:Documentary Feature
Production Country:USA
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Amy Finkel
Produced By:Amy Finkel
Cinematography:Gregg De Domenico
Editing By:Lila Place
Amy Finkel
FUREVER is an educational, quirky, feature-length documentary that explores the dimensions of grief people experience over the loss of a pet. It examines the sociological evolution of pets in the U.S. today, particularly their position in a family unit, and how this evolution is affecting those in the veterinary profession and death care industry. With interviews from grieving pet owners, veterinarians, psychologists, sociologists, religious scholars, neuroscientists, and the many professionals who preserve a pet's body for their devastated clientele, or re-purpose a pet's cremains in unique ways (taxidermy, cloning, mummification, freeze-drying, and many, many more), FUREVER confronts contemporary trends, perspectives, and relevant cultural assumptions regarding attachment, religion, ritual, grief, and death, and studies the bonds that form between humans and animals, both psychological and physiological. How "real" is grief for a dead pet and who decides what kind of grief is acceptable, or appropriate? FUREVER confronts contemporary trends and cultural assumptions regarding attachment, religion, grief, and death, and studies the bonds, both psychological and physiological, between humans and their beloved pets.