The Garden of Eden (Gan Eden)
Canal Place Theatre 1Sun, Oct 13, 2013 6:30 PM Event Date Passed  
Film Info
Release Year:2012
Runtime:73 min.
Type of Film:Documentary Feature
Production Country:Israel
Original Language:Israeli
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Ran Tal
Produced By:Amir Harel
Ayelet Kait
Ran Tal
Cinematography:Daniel Kedem
Editing By:Nili Feller
GARDEN OF EDEN is the story of Gan HaShlosha, better known as the “Sakhne”, one of the largest, most famous and most visited parks in Israel. During the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons of one full year, the film documents the park’s transformation, and with a spectacular expression of cinematic beauty, it tells the stories of the people who visit the park and work therein: Yaacov, whose wife left him and who has since been living a sad and lonely existence; Athir, who is planning to move to Canada because life in Israel does not enable him to reach his full potential; Yael, who was forced to wed at the age of 13 and suffered many years of physical and mental abuse; Itzhak, who has yet to recover from the death of his brother in war and seeks a refuge from the mourning in the cool waters. These are but some of the captivating and touching individuals which the camera encounters. Director Ran Tal, who dismantled and reassembled the myth of the kibbutz in his film CHILDREN OF THE SUN studies the innermost parts of Israeli society with humor, beauty, pain and compassion in the least expected location – a recreation park.
Additional Information
Preceded by the short film MIKLAT (SHELTER).