Darkness: 20th Anniversary Screening
Orpheum TheatreThu, Oct 17, 2013 9:30 PM - Thu, Oct 17, 2013 11:15 PM Event Date Passed  
Film Info
Section:Midnight/Late Night
Release Year:1993
Runtime:90 min
Production Country:USA
Director:Leif Jonker
Produced By:Michael Curtis
Dawn DeProspo
Jeff Goodwin (restored)
Leif Jonker
Gary Miller
Lonny Quattlebaum (restored)
Screenwriter:Leif Jonker
Editing By:Leif Jonker
Cast:Gary Miller
Michael Gisick
Randall Aviks
Jake Euker

Depicting the take over of a small mid-western town by a blood-thirsty army of the undead, the no-budget, underground indy film DARKNESS was called "The goriest vampire movie yet filmed!" by HorrorHound Magazine in early 2012.  Now enjoying the 20th Anniversary of its very first VHS release back in October 1993, this project that was supposed to be the movie equivalent of a garage-band demo tape has beaten the odds living on to be discovered, reviewed and discussed over two decades later.  Shot in Wichita and the surrounding areas by local filmmaker Leif Jonker, who started filming the project when he was only 19, the original release version of the film that was seen at festivals and released on video all over the world, was produced for less than $5000 out-of-pocket, the budget largely financed by the director and crew member Gary Miller working odd jobs and selling their plasma at the local blood bank.  (Yes, they sold their blood to make a vampire movie!)

Additional Information

Director / Writer Leif Jonker, cast and crew scheduled to attend

Shorts before feature: Wrong Number, d. Patrick Rea, Shawnee (KS, 2012)

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