Tailspin: Aviation in Animation
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Exploration PlaceSat, Oct 19, 2013 11:00 AM - Sat, Oct 19, 2013 12:30 PM Event Date Passed  
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Shorts Program
Genre:Short Feature

"Tailspin: Aviation in Animation" highlights the influence the uprising aviation industry had on the golden age of Hollywood's finest  animators, including Walt Disney, Max Fleischer, Chuck Jones, Walter Lantz, Ub Iwerks and Amadee Van Bueren.  Featuring some of the biggest names of the animated screen such as Bugs Bunny, Betty Boop, Donald Duck, Popeye and many more! Appropriate for all ages.

Falling Hare starring Bugs Bunny, d. Robert Clampett, 1943
Ace in Falling Hare starring Woody Woodpecker, d. Alex Lovy, 1942
I Never Changes My Altitude starring Popeye the Sailor, d. Dave Fleischer, 1937
World Flight starring Cubby Bear, d. Hugh Harmon and Rudolf Ising, 1933
Dancing on the Moon A Max Fleischer Color Classic, d. Dave Fleischer, 1936
Planet Patrol, d. Frank Goulding, 1963
A Language of My Own starring Betty Boop, d. Dave Fleischer, 1935
Hare Devil Hare starring Bugs Bunny, d. Chuck Jones, 1948
Home Defense starring Donald Duck, d. Jack King, 1943
The Air Race starring Willie Whopper, d. Ub Iwerks, 1933
The Mechanical Monsters starring Superman, Lois Lane, d. Dave Fleischer, 1941

Included Shorts
A Language of My Own (A Language of My Own) (6min) More
Ace in the Hole (Ace in the Hole) (6min) More
Air Race, The (Air Race, The) (7min) More
Dancing on the Moon (Dancing on the Moon) (8min) More
Falling Hare (Falling Hare) (8min) More
Hare Devil Hare (Hare Devil Hare) (0min) More
Home Defense (Home Defense) (7min) More
I Never Changes My Altitude (I Never Changes My Altitude) (6min) More
The Mechanical Monster (Mechanical Monster, The) (9min) More
Planet Patrol (Planet Patrol) (0min) More
World Flight (World Flight) (0min) More
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