Tallgrass Filmmakers Lab presents Project Nano: With Filmmaker in Residence Morgan Nichols

Tallgrass Filmmakers Lab presents Project Nano: With Filmmaker in Residence Morgan Nichols

Tallgrass alumni filmmaker Morgan Nichols (JESUS FREAK, THE LITTLE DEATH, HOW TO MAKE MOVIES AT HOME) returns to Wichita to lead TFA’s second “Project Nano,” an intensive, hands-on, short filmmaking workshop.

The class takes place from May 9- May 11 at the Tallgrass Film Association offices and filming locations around Wichita. Students will learn the art of independent filmmaking through the lens of accomplished filmmaker Nichols and his LO-FILM methodology (from the root word “lo-fi”), a form of improvised, director-less cinema.

“Digital democratization of the craft of filmmaking was bound to produce new methods that are wildly different from the careful-planning/careful-execution model of old. LO-FILM is one of those new methods. Leaving traditional polish behind, LO-FILM produces some pretty gonzo movies,” says Nichols. To date, there have been over 40 lo-films produced.

Project Nano is open to filmmakers of all ages, with all levels of experience, who want to learn and practice the craft of filmmaking. The end result of Project Nano will include a completed short film, and more importantly, a group of students newly equipped with this unique method of improvised filmmaking.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to have Morgan as our Filmmaker in Residence for the second Project Nano. Tallgrass has a long history with him – JESUS FREAK screened at the very first festival in 2003 and HOW TO MAKE MOVIES AT HOME at the 2013 fest,” said TFA Executive Director Lela Meadow-Conner. “We’re excited to be able to offer students the opportunity to work with different filmmakers, learn different processes and build connections that will strengthen the Wichita filmmaking community.”
The first Project Nano filmmaking workshop took place in 2013 and was led by alumni filmmaker James Choi. The class’ completed short film GUILT screened at the 2013 festival as part of the Timothy Gruver Spotlight on Kansas Filmmakers.

About Morgan Nichols

Morgan has directed three award-winning features and a staggering number of short films.  His first feature, Jesus Freak, premiered at The Los Angeles Film Festival in 2003, and won the Milagro Award - Best Southwest Film at the Santa Fe Film Festival. the little Death followed in 2006, premiering as the closing night gala film at the Atlanta Film Festival and going on to garner awards for best actor, best actress, best screenplay and best cinematography as it traveled the festival circuit. How to Make Movies at Home has played 20+ screenings in ten states, racking up six awards so far and is showing no signs of slowing.  In the last decade, Morgan has worked his cinema craft for various subsidiaries of Viacom, Warner Bros. and Disney. He holds an MFA in Cinema from The University of Southern California and a BA in Theater Arts from Brandeis University.