Advancing: Aging Shorts
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Film Info
Section:Shorts Program
Runtime:116 min

He and She, 2015, Marco Gadge, Germany, 16m

Mikelis, 2016, Marc Bethke, Germany, 15m

Last Days, 2016, Arturo Leon Lierena, Peru, 11m

Why Didn’t You Take A Taxi?, 2016, Caspar Kaeser, Germany, 14m

Something’s Different about Felix Weathers, 2016, Matt Russak, USA, 20m

Deafblind Couple, 2015, Esteban Pedraza, USA, 4m

The Last Days of the Cinema, 2015, Christopher Downs, Spain, 25m

Que La Nuit Soit Douce (Sweet Night), 2015, Frederic Recrosio, Switzerland, 6m

In the Blink, 2015, Damien Patrik, USA, 5m

Additional Information
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