The Founders

Documentary | USA | 85 min


Film Info
Type of Film/Event:Documentary
Films w/ Q&A
Release Year:2016
Running Time:85 minutes
Production Country:USA
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Marilynn Smith
Shirley Spork
Louise Suggs
Marlene Bauer Vossler
Director:Charlene Fisk & Carrie Schrader
Producer:Charlene Fisk
Production Company:Mighty Fine Pictures
Screenwriter:Dana Lee
Carrie Schrader
Maureen Simpson
Cinematography:Charlene Fisk
Kevan Ward
Editing By:Charlene Fisk
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Date Search:November 13, 2016
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Battling the sexism and stereotypes made sturdy in the 1950s, thirteen women founded the Ladies Pro Golf Association (LPGA). Rare archival footage, historical re-enactments and current-day interviews with surviving founders and leading players present an underdog story never before seen. Despite competing against one another on the greens, these pioneers worked together to keep their dreams of professional golf careers alive. From child prodigy fame to Olympian status, each member left a sports world legacy that lives on today.

Q&A following the film with Director Charlene Fisk