Great Shorts 2


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Type of Film/Event:Shorts
Films w/ Q&A
Running Time:90 min
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Date Search:November 12, 2016


The Gold Coast International Film Festival continues its commitment to short film excellence, sharing some of the best new short films with our audience. We are proud to host a number of New York, Long Island, and World premieres, featuring up-and-coming filmmakers and festival winners. Keep an eye out for some of these at the Academy Awards. You’ll see comedy, romance, drama, animation, thrillers, sci-fi, and much more. We’ve got films from around the world, spectacular student films, and films directed by and featuring stars from today’s hit TV shows and movies. You’re sure to laugh, be moved, fall in love, and discover some great new talent.

Filmmaker Q&A following the program

Included Shorts

Above All Else (7min) More
Traction (5min) More
Sugar Rush (4min) More
The D in David (2min) More
The Bench (6min) More
Rated (19min) More
Happily Ever After (12min) More
66 (Old) Movie Dance Scenes Mashup (Uptown Funk) (5min) More
A Magician (3min) More
Player Two (2min) More
Otherwise Engaged (5min) More
The Gunfighter (9min) More
Final Draft: Scripting the Apocalypse (6min) More
A Subway Story (5min) More
Taking Flight (5min) More