The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev (Hamamlacha Aamuflaa Shel Papa Alaev)

Documentary | Israel | 74 min


Great Neck Squire Cinemas Tue, Nov 15, 2016 7:30 PM
Film Info
Type of Film/Event:World Cinema
Middle Eastern Interest
Films w/ Q&A
Release Year:2016
Running Time:74 minutes
Premiere Status:Long Island Premiere
Production Country:Israel
Original Language:Hebrew
Cast/Crew Info
Cast:Allo "Papa" Alaev
Director:Tal Barda
Noam Pinchas
Producer:Bruni Burres
Christine Camdessus
Serge Gordey
Noam Pinchas
Tal Barda
Production Company:Alegria Productions
The Wonderful Kingdom Films
Screenwriter:Tal Barda
Noam Pinchas
Cinematography:Uri Ackerman
Editing By:Yael Bitton
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Date Search:November 15, 2016
Venue:Bow Tie - Great Neck
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Meet Tajikistan's answer to the Jackson family. Nearly 80, Allo "Papa" Alaev rules his celebrated Bukharian folk music clan with an iron tambourine. Beginning with his unilateral decision to emigrate to Israel, the gifted musician micro-manages nearly every aspect of their lives, both on stage and off. From every meal made in his kitchen to what instrument each member will play, the patriarch accepts nothing less than total commitment and obedience. Every child and grandchild lives in their single-family house in Tel Aviv. All but one, that is. His only daughter, Ada, chose her own way in life, a sin her father will not forgive. As generations clash over new musical directions, competing personal interests and Papa's advancing age, the family show must go on—but who will lead the band? Set to a blazing tribal soundtrack, drama and drumbeats sing out from every entertaining exchange in this grand family affair.

Q&A following the film with Directors Tal Barda & Noam Pinchas