The Tragedy of King Richard the Second


Mary D. Fisher Theatre Sun, Mar 31 4:00 PM
Film Info
Event Type:National Theatre of London
Run Time:115 minutes


The National Theatre of London continues its season with its acclaimed new production of “The Tragedy of King Richard the Second” showing in Sedona on Sunday, March 31 at 4 p.m. The Sedona International Film Festival hosts the big screen premiere at its Mary D. Fisher Theatre.

Two-time Olivier Award-winner Simon Russell Beale plays William Shakespeare’s Richard II, broadcast live from the stage of the Almeida Theatre in London to cinemas.

This visceral new production about the limits of power is directed by Joe Hill-Gibbins.

Richard II, King of England, is irresponsible, foolish and vain. His weak leadership sends his kingdom into disarray and his court into uproar. Seeing no other option but to seize power, the ambitious Bolingbroke challenges the throne and the king’s divine right to rule.

The production poses the question, “When the country is on the brink of disaster, who is the right person to take charge – and should we trust them?”

"A timely portrait of a country in chaos. Simon Russell Beale is a great Shakespearean actor, capable of exquisite vulnerability and ravenous passion." — Evening Standard

“Simon Russell Beale and Leo Bill shine in this alarmingly familiar depiction of England in total chaos.” — Time Out

‘Simon Russell Beale proves himself our foremost Shakespearean actor. A stripped-back and arresting production.” — Independent

“Simon Russell Beale is excellent.” — The Times

“Few do quiet, eloquent despair as well as Mr. Russell Beale.” — Daily Mail