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Ad Astra VIP @ WAM
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The Age of Love
A first-of-its-kind Speed Dating event for 70- to 90-year-olds compels a diverse group of seniors to take stock of aging bodies and still-hopeful hearts - and discover how the search for love changes over a lifetime.
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Among the Believers
An unsettling exploration into the spread of the radical Islamic school Red Mosque in Pakistan, which trains legions of children to devote their lives to jihad, or holy war, from a very young age.
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Amongst the People (Bio Doc Shorts Program)
Portraits of personalities in sport, art and history.
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Angel of Nanjing
A documentary film about Chen Si, a man who has saved over 300 people who have tried to commit suicide by jumping off China’s most famous bridge.
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2015 Tallgrass Films\Armor_of_Light_thumb.jpg
The Armor of Light
An Evangelical minister and the mother of a teenage shooting victim examine whether it is possible to be both pro-gun and pro-life.
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At Your Service (Military Shorts Program)
From the trenches to coming home; these shorts consist of military themes and situations.
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Band of Robbers
The comedic adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn as grown men still searching for the hidden treasure that has eluded them since childhood.
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Below the Surface (Documentary Shorts Program)
Extraordinary stories of reality.
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