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Neil Turok, Perimeter Institute
Wed, Oct 7 7:00 PM (90 min)
Fundamental physics has reached a turning point. The most powerful experiments ever devised are revealing the structure of the universe with unprecedented clarity. On the largest scales - the whole visible universe - and the tiniest, we are discovering remarkable simplicity, which our theories do not yet explain. In between, things are complex. But here too, new technologies are allowing us to access the quantum frontier, opening up new high-precision probes of the fundamental laws of nature and revolutionary new technologies. We stand on the threshold of breakthroughs, both theoretical and experimental, which could change our picture of the world and the development of our society.
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Takács String Quartet
Thu, Oct 15 7:30 PM (120 min)
Winners of the 2014 Wigmore Hall Medal, the Takács Quartet is recognized as one of the world's great ensembles. They play with a unique blend of drama, warmth and humor. Masterful at combining four distinct musical personalities in their performances, the Takács Quartet will bring fresh insights to three integral pieces from the string quartet repertoire.
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Objects on a Table
Sat, Oct 17 8:00 PM
Objects on a Table has been conceived as a homage to Italian minimalist painter Giorgio Morandi, and draws on the humble attention he paid to everyday objects. In his drawings and etchings Morandi used a restricted set of drawing gestures, and these gestures, interpreted by a bass clarinet and percussion, constitute the "voice" of the Euphonopen, an instrument created for the live performance of drawing. The gestures of the drawing performer transform the memorialized sound of Morandi's way of drawing, while the clarinet and the percussion give voice to each object as it is being drawn.
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Sat, Nov 28 8:00 PM (120 min)
Disco-next delights in the disconnects of pure disco and its constructive/deconstructive present. This concert celebrates the social freedoms liberated in the disco movement and explores the ironic and apotheocized settings of disco in contemporary classical works. Toronto-based Nudisco producer DJ Cyclist has brought his brand of boogie funk to the global stage and is featured here with his passion for analog synths and digging for records. Using modern production techniques with live guitar and bass makes Cyclist's music obsessively disco-discerning. Next after disco? Well proto-house and electro rose from the ashes, but next on the floor is Cyclist, Adams, Hatzis, and Peter Hatch ...
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The Tallis Scholars
Tue, Dec 8 8:00 PM (120 min)
The cathedral ceilings of Perimeter Institute’s four-storey Atrium will resound with the soaring voices of Tallis Scholars. Under the directorship of Peter Phillips, the award-winning vocal ensemble has established itself as the leading exponent of Renaissance sacred music throughout the world. This powerful and evocative experience at Perimeter should not to be missed.
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David Finckel, cello and Wu Han, piano
Thu, Mar 10, 2016 7:30 PM (120 min)
Musical America’s 2012 Musicians of the Year, cellist David Finckel and pianist Wu Han rank among the most esteemed and influential classical musicians in the world today. The talent, energy, imagination, and dedication they bring to their multifaceted endeavours as concert performers, recording artists, educators, artistic administrators, and cultural entrepreneurs go unmatched. This husband and wife duo, and co-artistic directors of Chamber Music Society of Lincoln, has forged their musical partnership into an unstoppable entity. Join us and “America’s power couple of chamber music” (The Wall Street Journal) for an unforgettable performance.
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Elina Vähälä, violin
Thu, Apr 21, 2016 7:30 PM (120 min)
Since the age of 12, Finnish violin sensation Elina Vähälä has performed on many international stages, winning praise from audiences and musicians alike as ‘a fluent, stylish and gifted musician whose brilliant technique is matched by abundant spirit, sensitivity, and imagination’ (Chicago Tribune). Perimeter is proud to host Elina’s Ontario debut.
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Conducting the Ether
Fri, May 27, 2016 8:00 PM (120 min)
Omar Daniel, 1997 recipient of the Jules Leger Award for New Chamber Music, is no stranger to the Open Ears Festival or the Penderecki String Quartet. Open Ears welcomes him back with a new work for the Waterloo Region. It is fitting to include a new work from a familiar composer as the closing night in this collaborative venture that includes Quartetfest, Perimeter Institute, NUMUS and Inter Arts Matrix. D Andrew Stewart is also a welcome returning artist to the Open Ears Festival.
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