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10 K

A man and a woman meet on a wooded path. Is it an accident or something planned? Is it the first time or the hundredth? "10 K" is a suburban mystery shot through with humor, tension and desire.
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2 by 2

"There's a thin line between love and hate."Two macho shepherds — men divided by history, hate and a high border fence that separates their countries — suddenly realize that they have a chance to be the last two human survivors of an impending worldwide catastrophe. However, their survival depends on one of them being man enough, to dress up as a woman.
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6 Dynamic Laws for Success in Life, Love & Money

Upon discovering a coded message in the self help book "6 Dynamic Laws for Success (In Life, Love & Money)" which purportedly reveals the location of $2.4 million missing from a bank robbery gone bad, a demoralized ex-used car salesman sets out on a quest to find the money and remake himself in the process. However, he soon discovers he’s not the only one after the cash, and that the road to riches and self-improvement is littered with irate ex-wives, litigious fiancés, household calamities, accidental murders, and love at first sight.
Mon, Feb 26 1:15 PM
Thu, Mar 1 7:10 PM
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A Thousand Mothers

Set at an ancient nunnery above the majestic Irrawaddy River, "A Thousand Mothers" is an unprecedented look into the lives of Buddhist nuns in Sagaing, Myanmar, a religious region with one of the largest concentrations of monasticism in the world.
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A Whole World for a Little World

A woman tells a great story to her baby. In the manner of a tale with princes and princesses, she remains into his memories to pass on his daughter.
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Abacus: Small Enough to Jail

"Abacus: Small Enough to Jail" tells the incredible saga of the Chinese immigrant Sung family, owners of Abacus Federal Savings of Chinatown, New York. Accused of mortgage fraud by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., Abacus becomes the only U.S. bank to face criminal charges in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. The indictment and subsequent trial forces the Sung family to defend themselves – and their bank’s legacy in the Chinatown community — over the course of a five-year legal battle."Abacus: Small Enough to Jail" is nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.
Sun, Feb 25 7:00 PM
Fri, Mar 2 10:20 AM
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Above The Drowning Sea

"Above the Drowning Sea" tells the story of the dramatic escape of European Jews from Nazi-controlled Europe to Shanghai on the eve of World War Two.As Hitler’s forces sought to expel the Jews from Europe, no other country would open its doors to the refugees. Their lives at stake, the refugees desperately looked for an escape from the coming Holocaust.Then, a door opened on the east coast of far-away China, in Shanghai, an “open city” itself in chaos from foreign invasion and civil war. But getting there required a “golden” document to get out of Nazi Europe – a visa from China."Above the Drowning Sea" recounts the courageous intervention of Ho Feng Shan, the Chinese Consul in Vienna who defied his own government and braved the Gestapo to issue visas to the refugees.Shot in six countries over four continents, "Above the Drowning Sea" takes you on an inspiring emotional journey across time and across the world. Truly a story that could have been ripped from today’s headlines, the film
Thu, Mar 1 10:00 AM
Sat, Mar 3 4:00 PM
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Adios Amigos

Three friends, Lars, Philip and Joost, meet up every weekend at the local pool where they watch the hot girls in their bikinis. The main problem is fulfilling their fantasies: Philip is completely paralyzed, Lars has a brain tumor and Joost is blind as a bat.The embark on a fun road trip and will stop at nothing to get what they want: sex. They find more that what they were looking for.
Sun, Feb 25 1:00 PM
Wed, Feb 28 7:15 PM
Sun, Mar 4 4:15 PM
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All Governments Lie: Truth, Deception and the Spirit of I.F. Stone

Independent journalists like Amy Goodman, Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, and Matt Taibbi are changing the face of journalism, providing investigative, adversarial alternatives to mainstream, corporate news outlets. Our cameras follow as they expose government and corporate deception – just as the ground-breaking independent journalist I.F. Stone did decades ago.This film will change the way you look at the mainstream media or “MSM”. Giant media conglomerates are increasingly reluctant to investigate or criticize government policies — particularly on defense, security and intelligence issues.With government deception rampant, and intrusion of state surveillance into private life never more egregious, independent voices like Greenwald, Scahill and Goodman are crucially important. Stone is little known today, but "All Governments Lie" will reveal the profound influence he’s had on contemporary independent journalists.
Sun, Feb 25 4:00 PM
Wed, Feb 28 10:15 AM
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Alternative Math

A well meaning math teacher finds herself trumped by a post-fact America.
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Louise, aged 68, is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and lives in a nursing home. Her daily life is riddled with sadness because her son Daniel is no longer visiting her, discouraged by his mother's memory lapses. The arrival of a new patient in the home (Leo, 82), who is also suffering from Alzheimer's disease, will upset Louise's life ... but also that of Daniel!
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American Veteran

"American Veteran" is a feature length documentary telling the story of Army Sergeant Nick Mendes, who was paralyzed from the neck down by a massive improvised explosive device in Afghanistan in 2011, when he was 21."American Veteran" follows Nick through the five year period after his injury — from the V.A. hospital bed where he spent 7 months recovering and learning to eat and even breathe on his own again, to the fully accessible home where he now lives with his new wife Wendy, a medical caregiver he met in the hospital. Presented in an unflinching, close-up style, the film brings us into Nick’s world as he studies for a real estate license and learns to do everything from posting on Facebook and playing video games to casting a fishing reel with his mouth. We’re with Nick as he endures an awkward Veterans Day parade and as he reunites with the soldier who pulled him from the truck just after it blew up. We also trace the unlikely love story of Nick and Wendy as they develop a deep
Wed, Feb 28 4:15 PM
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Amy & Sophia

When an unlikely friendship forms between a troubled girl and a neighbor the pair use art to transport to a fantasy world to escape the dangers of reality.Amy is pursued by her past and indifferent to the future. Sophia sees things other people can't. Unlikely friends, they fight to forge a shared destiny as the world closes in on them. The performances shake with truth in this magical realist drama — a luscious film that can change the way you see the world.
Sun, Feb 25 1:10 PM
Wed, Feb 28 10:00 AM
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Having spent her childhood in communist Czechoslovakia, Anna — now an immigrant in New York City — struggles to pursue her dream of higher education in the U.S.
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After an absence of several years, seminary student Daniel Sullivan returns to his wintry, Wisconsin hometown of Silver River. But if he’s to assist the dying Father Rob, he's going to need to sway the skeptics who learn that he hasn't spoken to his younger brother, Jake — a reclusive pot dealer — in years. With the help of a young woman from his past, Danny tracks his brother down, and the two embark on a ride of faith, (ice)fishing, temptation, drugs, and rock 'n roll on the way to confronting their shared scars from a past tragedy that shaped their lives.
Mon, Feb 26 1:10 PM
Thu, Mar 1 7:15 PM
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Art of Courage

Two internationally renowned artists prepare their canvas for an aerial art exhibition during the International Climate Summit in the City of Light, but fate has another plan. With an unexpected, large-scale terrorist attack that suddenly paralyzes Paris, they are now challenged in how they will accomplish the vision that they set out for, in unifying and inspiring solidarity during the climate summit.
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August In Berlin

The chance meeting of a German and a Canadian in a Berlin cafe unravels their carefully constructed lives. During the course of their conversation each are led to reexamine their personal relationships, learning more about themselves as they discover each other."August in Berlin" was filmed in less than ten days by UCLA Professor Becky Smith. The city of Berlin provides a dynamic backdrop for this delicate, elegant film. Accentuating the subtle nature of this story is a perfectly-fitting soundtrack.
Sun, Feb 25 7:00 PM
Wed, Feb 28 1:10 PM
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Award-Winning Shorts

Jon Gann, founder of the DC Shorts and Sunderland Shorts Film Festivals, has brought a selection of films from Wash, DC in a program called “Award-Winning Shorts”. Through his recent work at festivals around the globe, Jon has collected a series of award-winning and audience-praised short films specifically for the warm, welcoming, and sophisticated film lovers of the Sedona International Film Festival.
Sat, Feb 24 4:00 PM
Mon, Feb 26 1:00 PM
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