March 2017
Tuesday, Mar 28, 2017 7:30 PM
The Nashville Scene recognized the Tokens radio show as Nashville’s “Best Local Variety Show” in 2013 which is a “grass-kicking shredfest” that is a“huge success,” with “genre-bending creativity.” The Tennessean calls it “one of a kind,” and a “virtuouso ensemble.” Prominent Nashville music critic Peter Cooper recently opined that Tokens “is amazing. It’s amazing that [Tokens] has integrated music, humor and scholarship into something so seamlessly entertaining.” Other reviewers have called Tokens “spectacular” and”provocative.” Sojourners opined that “…if A Prairie Home Companion ever moved South and got religion-or at least went to divinity school-it might look a lot like TOKENS.” Best selling author Shane Claiborne calls Tokens “dazzling. magical. better than CATS … creating beauty and mischief.” And the Englewood Review of Books says that “TOKENS is one of today’s finest exemplars of exploration around the intersections of theology and the performing arts…”

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