Singarama 2017
OCL-17-002 - Singarama Poster V2.jpg
For the past 54 years springtime at Lipscomb has meant Singarama, as more than 16,000 students have participated in this popular student musical. It is impossible to measure on an individual basis the sense of accomplishment, the fun and the friendships that can be attributed to Singarama. This spring we present “A Blast From The Past” With only their category, the students in each of the three groups, “Far Out”, “Totally Awesome” and “Party On”, develop their story lines, write scripts, choose a minimum of 8 songs and accompanying choreography, and design and create sets, costumes as we celebrate the music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s…. and that is only the beginning!  The shows, evaluated over four performances by a panel of 18 judges, compete in three categories (theme, music, and staging) and in overall sweepstakes points.  
There will be a Sign-Language interpretation of the performance at 2:30pm on Saturday, April 15th.