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Film Info
Genre:Environmental Interest
Category:Documentary Feature
Release Year:2012
Runtime:80 min
Type of Film:Feature
Production Country:United States
Website:Visit Site
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Maxine Trump
Produced By:0axine Trump
Josh Granger
Cinematography:Curt Williams
Editing By:Josh Granger
Music By:Clean Cuts Music
MUSICWOOD follows an unusual group of famous guitar-makers, Bob Taylor (Taylor Guitars), Chris Martin (Martin Guitars) and Dave Berryman (Gibson Guitars) as they drop their commercial differences and travel together to the largest coastal temperate rain forest in Southeast Alaska. They have to negotiate with Native American loggers to save the centuries old Sitka Spruce trees, before it's too late for acoustic guitars. This film exposes a culture clash of huge proportions where Native American loggers, CEO’s and Greenpeace all battle over a forest that is the last of its kind on the planet.