NJ Shorts: New Visions from MSU
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New Jersey
Section:NJ Shorts
In Person:Several members of the filmmaking teams

Discover the great filmmakers of tomorrow currently training at Montclair State University. This program showcases the best short films created by the undergraduate students majoring in Filmmaking at the School of Communication and Media. This unique BFA program, with its hands-on approach, encourages and equips students to realize their artistic visions through observation, imagination, storytelling, and technical skills.


1. Mrs. Blindside - 10:14

Director: Kara Rada

Mrs. Blindside is a Neo-Silent, black comedy about an insanely jealous woman named Helen and her descent into madness as she attempts to kill her husband's old flame.

2. Our Mechanical Future - 4:00

Director: Jenina Podulka

Our Mechanical Future is a stop-motion animated short film, set in a world where artificial/prosthetic limbs have become so advanced that they are used as a common enhancement to the human body.

3. Exit - 17:00

Director: Monika Kolodziej

A girl longing to free herself from the responsibilities of caring for her alcoholic father receives the chance to do so when she gets a job in Paris, but before she leaves, she needs to convince her selfish sister to take care of him.

4. Poor Earl - 10:00

Director: Karl Ryan Erikson

Bethany and Earl, a retired couple complacent in their monotonous relationship, get an unsuspecting boost in their love life when Earl's car is stolen.

5. Anima - 15:00

Director: Michael Stabile

A neuroscientist performs a controversial experiment on a death row inmate in hopes to unlock the secrets of the afterlife.

6. Principal - 5:00

Director: Jared Cardenas

Jimmy is a young boy who loves causing trouble and doesn't fear the dreaded Principal's office, but little does he know, he's about to be ratted out to an even higher authority.

7. Thinner Blood - 9:00

Director: Jonathan Reino

Thinner Blood is about two sisters, Olive and Ava, struggling to survive with their abusive, alcoholic mother

8. Unshore - 7:00

Directors: Tom Mika & Lindsay Rassmann

Unshore is an intimate portrait of Seaside, New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

9. Just a Kid - 15:00

Director: Michael Scotti

Julie, a ten year old filmmaker, ventures to retrieve her camera back in the wake of her brother's breakup to remind him how close they once were and how capable she is of making him happy again, regardless of her age.