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2017Features\44 PAGES_thumb.jpg
Feature | 97 Min
Following the creation of the 70th Anniversary issue, 44 PAGES constructs a portrait of the cultural phenomenon, Highlights Magazine, introducing the quirky people who diligently and passionate produce this publication - from the first editorial meeting to its delivering in homes nationwide. Family-owned since 1946, Highlights remains an American icon, revealing the rich, tragic history, the state of childhood, the impact of technology, and the journey of the publication for “the world’s most important people” - children.
Mon, Apr 3 4:45 PM
Tue, Apr 4 2:45 PM
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2017Features\95 AND 6 TO GO_thumb.jpg
95 AND 6 TO GO
Feature | 85 Min
Tom Takesue, a recently widowed Japanese-American in his nineties, discovers his passion for filmmaking when he becomes invested in his granddaughter’s screenplay of a love story. In this affectionate portrait of the unlikely duo, Tom breaks away from his rigid routine to reveal his opinions and concerns about love, loss, unfulfilled dreams, and mortality. Tom’s past memories and intimate anecdotes eventually surface to examine the fine line between reality and imagination.
Sun, Apr 2 5:00 PM
Tue, Apr 4 5:30 PM
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Feature | 88 Min
In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Abacus Federal Savings Bank was the sole U.S. bank indicted for mortgage fraud. Family-owned and founded by Thomas Sung in an effort to give back to the community, Abacus served immigrants in Chinatown, New York, creating a close-knit social hub. Fighting prosecution for five years, the complex and taxing relationship between the government and the underdog is examined as the Sung family faced humiliation, money loss, and heartache.
Sat, Apr 1 3:30 PM
Mon, Apr 3 7:30 PM
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Feature | 98 Min
Set in the mid 1900’s, AFTERIMAGE presents the somber portrait of acclaimed Polish artist and beloved art professor, Wladyslaw Strzeminski as he stands defiant in the face of Poland’s Soviet-controlled communist government. Regarded as the leader of the Constructivist movement and a crusader of modern art in Poland, he refuses to conform to the demand for strictly Socialist Realist art, championing artistic freedom and defending his ideals, eventually leading to his downfall revealing how punitive systems of power can destroy and dehumanize us all.
Mon, Apr 3 2:30 PM
Wed, Apr 5 5:15 PM
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2017Features\AMERICAN DREAMS_thumb.jpg
Feature | 55 Min
America, since the beginning of its history, has served as a haven for those who are in search of a place to live free from the things which have always compelled people to move. AMERICAN DREAMS chronicles the stories of four young women who explain their decisions, or a decision made for them, of abandoning their homeland to come to America. This intimate documentary discusses the history of the country’s immigration and examines the driving forces, among them fear, poverty, persecution, and hope, that make men and women risk everything to come to America.
Sun, Apr 9 6:00 PM
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2017Features\ARE WE NOT CATS_thumb.jpg
Feature | 78 Min
Within a day Eliezer, a 20-something New Yorker loses his job, his girlfriend, and his apartment and attempts to restart his life. Stumbling upon an unlikely acquaintance who shares his same peculiar habit - eating hair - Eli is torn between the comfort of his compulsions and need for a new start. ARE WE NOT CATS imbues us to examine our own destructive habits and in a mix of magical realism and raw expression, tells the story of the surprising things we do for love.
Thu, Apr 6 8:30 PM
Sat, Apr 8 8:30 PM
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15. Rory Kenney Headshot copy.jpg
At Lunch With: Sarasota Yacht Club
Celebrate the accomplishments of a film icon at our Tribute Luncheon with Rory Kennedy. Enjoy an intimate lunch at the Sarasota Yacht Club while mingling with industry VIPs and film lovers from all over the globe.
Fri, Mar 31 11:30 AM
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Feature | 90 Min
Actress Aisha Tyler (TV- ARCHER, THE TALK, WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?, CRIMINAL MINDS), in her directorial debut, shoots an entire film inside one car in Los Angeles. It’s not a great day for Tristan (Emmett Hughes, who is also the screenwriter) – his life is falling apart and everyone is abandoning him at his time of need. Taut, tense, claustrophobic, and dramatic.
Fri, Apr 7 6:30 PM
Sat, Apr 8 3:30 PM
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