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1137 PARTY_thumb.jpg
1137 Party
End the Festival on a high note at Louies Modern for the notorious 1137 party. Because of our high profile guests in the film and music industry, entry to this year’s event will be extremely restricted. Your ticket includes limited cocktails; late night menu options are available for purchase.
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2014 Features Images\A IS FOR ALEX_thumb.jpg
A Is For Alex
Feature | 71 min
In this bright and witty low-budget independent comedy, Alex (Alex Orr) is an inventor about to face his greatest challenge: Fatherhood. Stricken by anxiety and struggling to keep his pregnant wife (a hilariously foul-mouthed Katie Orr) happy, Alex works to save the world and become a worthy father and husband. At the same time, Alex is Alex Orr, the filmmaker, working on the film we are watching, showing us the process behind the fiction he is creating. A IS FOR ALEX is a fine example of personal, comic filmmaking, a cinematic lesson in turning life's lemonade back into lemons.
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2014 Features Images\ABOVE ALL ELSE_thumb.jpg
Above All Else
Feature | 95 min
When the Keystone XL pipeline threatens to come to town, a group of East Texas landowners and activists gather to prevent the bulldozers from breaking ground. ABOVE ALL ELSE is an intimate portrait that reveals the complex layers of the battle and what happens when an unlikely coalition of allies unites against the most powerful industry in the world. Led by David Daniels, a charismatic carpenter and former circus performer, a handful of young climbers ascend the 100-foot trees behind Daniels’ house, risking their personal safety and their families, to spark a social movement built on resisting fossil fuel development and addressing climate change.
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2014 Features Images\ACTRESS_thumb.jpg
Feature | 87 min
The lines between non-fiction filmmaking and staged performance are freely and effectively blurred in Robert Greene's beautifully crafted ACTRESS. Brandy Burre, once a rising star on HBO’s THE WIRE, serves as both subject and star of this intimate portrait of a performer coming face to face with life's difficult compromises: marriage, children and a burning desire to act again. With her marriage falling apart and her plans to reclaim her career running up against an industry indifferent to her dreams, Brandy allows Greene complete access to her life, creating a collaborative portrait of an artist at a vital crossroads.
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2014 Features Images\AMERICAN VAGABOND_thumb.jpg
American Vagabond
Feature | 85 min
Susanna Helke’s AMERICAN VAGABOND is a moving portrait of a young, homeless gay couple and their attempts to stay together against overwhelming odds. Kicked out of their homes by parents who will not accept their sexuality, the pair move to San Francisco in search of a sense of belonging, only to find housing a financial impossibility and social acceptance within the older, wealthier gay community beyond their reach. As the pair struggle to find a place in the world, Helke’s film tracks their deepening crisis as their companionship is tested by a life without a place to call home.
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The Animal Project
Feature | 90 min
In Ingrid Veninger's THE ANIMAL PROJECT, a group of struggling, up-and-coming actors gather at a weekly workshop to learn at the feet of their teacher Leo (Aaron Poole), an underemployed artist with his own struggles and hang-ups. Starving for inspiration and eager to showcase their talents to an indifferent city, they decide upon a unique strategy; to fully erase their personal identities and head out on the streets of Toronto to perform random, improvised moments in the real world. THE ANIMAL PROJECT is a film about the process of becoming an actor, but also, the nature of love and artistic collaboration.
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2014 Features Images\APPROACHING THE ELEPHANT_thumb.jpg
Approaching The Elephant
Feature | 89 min
Amanda Rose Wilder’s APPROACHING THE ELEPHANT is the story of the birth of one of America’s only free schools, where rules are created democratically, adults and children have an equal say, and classes are voluntary. As the school launches in its inaugural year, the inevitable growing pains follow as one of the students, a charismatic leader among the children, begins to unite the community in an attempt to destroy the entire experiment. With unprecedented access, Wilder explores the dynamics of this unique school community, one driven by belief in the radical concept of pure democracy.
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The Auction (Le démantèlement)
Feature | 112 min
Gaby (Gabriel Arcand) is an aging father, quietly enjoying a life of solitude on his sheep farm. When his oblivious and newly divorced daughter (Lucie Laurier) asks him for a large loan to keep her home in the big city, he is forced to sell his farm and dismantle life as he knows it. What follows is a poignant family drama about making sacrifices and accepting loss. Anchored by Arcand’s subtle and moving performance, Sébastien Pilote’s THE AUCTION examines the gradual disappearance of rural life.
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