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1137 PARTY_thumb.jpg
1137 Unwrap Party
Event | 83 Min
Notorius for it's outrageous design, surprise guests, and eclectic attendees, the 1137 Unwrap Party is the perfect way to celebrate the final night of the Festival. Due to high profile guests in the film and music industry, entry ro this year's event will be extremely restricted. Ticket purchase includes complimentary cocktails with cash bar purchases available and late night appetizers
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2015 Short Images\175 GRAMS_thumb.jpg
175 Grams
Short | 8 Min
A closer look at lives of members of Flywild; an Ultimate frisbee team from Chennai, India.
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2015 Features and Events\24 DAYS_thumb.jpg
24 Days (24 jours)
Feature | 108 Min
Winner of the Lia Award at the Jerusalem Film Festival, this intense film tells the shocking true story of a “hate crime” in France when a young Jewish man was kidnapped and tortured by an immigrant gang. In January of 2006, 23 year old Ilan met a beautiful young woman in a Parisian cellphone shop who lured him into a trap. Based on a book co-written by Ilan’s mother, Ruth Halimi, Arcady’s cinematic adaptation offers a searing insight into his vicious ordeal, the violent world of the Gang of Barbarians, and the harrowing experience of his family waiting and hoping the Police would save their son. For 24 days the Police, insistent upon handling the case as a normal for-ransom kidnapping, fail to recognize the anti-Semitic hatred of his abductors.
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2015 Features and Events\3 AND A HALF MINUTES_thumb.jpg
3 1/2 Minutes
Feature | 98 Min
This gripping documentary explores the legal aftermath of the tragic shooting of African-American teenager Jordan Davis when he was playing his “thug music” too loud at a gas station. It explores the danger and subjectivity of Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” self-defense laws as well as the emotional experience of Jordan Davis’ parents in the courtroom. This film won a Special Jury Award for Social Impact at the Sundance Film Festival.
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2015 Features and Events\3 DAYS_thumb.jpg
3 Days
Feature | 98 Min
Jeff wakes up to the news that he has just died, but that's just the beginning. He meets his 'Post-Mortem Coordinator' Homer, an ethereal being who works for the bureaucratic system for processing dead people, who informs Jeff that he now has to face judgment for the life he lived and determine whether he'll spend eternity in Heaven or in Hell. Jeff is wiped clean of all his personal memories and sent back to the world of the living to relive the last three days of his life.
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2015 Short Images\5 WAYS 2 DIE_thumb.jpg
5 Ways 2 Die (5 Tropoi Na Pethaneis)
Short | 15 Min
Makis explores different ways of death, struggling to achieve the most ideal result.
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2015 Features and Events\7 MINUTES_thumb.jpg
7 Minutes
Feature | 92 Min
Three high school friends are forced to commit a brazen robbery which quickly goes horribly wrong. It’s like a “classic heist gone wrong movie” crossed with a Tarantino-esque, time-bending independent sensibility. Don’t miss stand-out performances by Jason Ritter, Leven Rambin, and the legendary Kris Kristofferson.
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2015 Features and Events\ACROSS THE SEA_thumb.jpg
Across The Sea (Deniz Seviyesi)
Feature | 105 Min
Winner of both the Audience award and a Jury Award at this year’s Slamdance Film Festival, this beautifully nuanced film rewards viewers with an emotionally intelligent story about love and loss. Full of subtext, the subtle plot follows a pregnant woman who returns to her seaside home village in Turkey with her new American husband only to encounter her childhood sweetheart. The casting is perfection and the acting carefully captures the inner turmoil of these well-developed characters. With an unhurried pace, the camerawork evokes a sense of place and point of view and the cinematography takes full advantage of the beauty of the Turkish seaside setting.
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