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Metadata Mentoring with Jared Jones
"Metadata Matters"

In partnership with GSC President, Sheree Spoltore, Jared Jones created an insightful and eye-opening presentation on the importance of metadata in the music business, and why it is important for songwriters, producers, and artists. The presentation, “Metadata Matters” was first shared at GSC Focus events. Through GSC, Jones now offers a 1-hour mentoring session, where songwriters, artists and producers can gain more insight into (including, but not limited to):

  1. Understanding the different organizations responsible for paying your royalties
  2. When and How to register songs
  3. What song information is important to collect on each song, and when
  4. Commonly used acronyms, and what they mean to the songwriter (ISRC, ISWC, etc.)
  5. How one can ensure past songs are appropriately registered
  6. How to be in the best position to collect all royalties owed to you
  7. How songwriters can own rights to Master recordings
  8. How songwriters who don’t sing can still release music, and get paid

After your purchase, Jared will contact you to set up a date and time for your session. Please review your contact information in your GSC account for accuracy before you purchase a session with Jared.

For a full bio, please visit the GSC website under the Mentoring section.

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