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Global Songwriters Gift Certificate

The Gift to Encourage, Equip and Empower

A Global Songwriters Connection gift certificate empowers the one you love to be the best songwriter they can be by allowing them to purchase some of the many services offered by GSC. With a membership, one can make valuable industry connections, get honest song evaluations, and take a career to the next level with interactive career mentoring sessions. A membership also gives access to an ever expanding library of music business videos and articles. In a Publisher Online Pitch session, songwriters can be heard and receive feedback from real, working publishers. Members can have exclusive "listen in" access to Publisher Online Pitch events before making a pitch. If one participates in a Global Songwriters S.T.E.P.S. seminar, he or she will learn valuable information about what it takes to be successful in the music business. To purchase a gift certificate, please select from one of the suggested combinations below or enter your own amount:

  • $50 = Annual Global Songwriters Membership
  • $50 = Non-Member Song Evaluation OR Non-Member Publisher Online Pitch (Membership Not Required)
  • $55 = Member Song Evaluation AND Member Publisher Online Pitch Listen Only
  • $80 = Annual Global Songwriters Membership AND Member Publisher Online Pitch
  • $80 = A Member One-Hour Career Mentoring Session (Requires Membership)
  • $105 = Annual Global Songwriters Membership AND Member Song Evaluation AND Member Publisher Online Pitch Listen Only
  • $235 = GSC MEGA PACKAGE: Annual Global Songwriters Membership AND Member Career Mentoring Session AND Member Song Evaluation Session AND (2) Member Publisher Online Pitch Listen Only AND Member Publisher Online Song Pitch (Best Value!)

If you just want to start with a simple GSC Membership click HERE.

Gift Certificates are excellent way to take advantage of the GSC Recommended Membership Plan.

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