Laddie: The Man Behind The Movies


Mary D. Fisher Theatre Tue, Oct 29, 2019 4:00 PM
Mary D. Fisher Theatre Tue, Oct 29, 2019 7:00 PM
Film Info
Event Type:Documentary Feature
Release Year:2017
Run Time:84 minutes
Production Country:United States
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Amanda Ladd-Jones


“Laddie” is the story of the most influential movie mogul you’ve never heard of: Alan Ladd, Jr.

Alan Ladd, Jr. — known to friends and colleagues as Laddie — is the understated studio chief and Oscar-winning producer behind “Star Wars”, “Alien”, “Blade Runner”, “Chariots of Fire”, “Thelma and Louise”, “Young Frankenstein”, “Braveheart” and a staggering 157 more.

During his 50+ year career, garnering more than fifty Academy Award wins and over 150 nominations, Laddie worked with world-famous filmmakers and actors — many of whom became household names on his watch — and brought to life some of the most influential films of our time.

In “Laddie: The Man Behind The Movies”, his daughter Amanda Ladd-Jones endeavors to better understand her father — to see him not just as “Dad," the man who spent the majority of her childhood at the office, but the way his collaborators do, as a doyen of modern American cinema.

Through interviews with George Lucas, Ridley Scott, Sigourney Weaver, Ben Affleck, Ron Howard, Morgan Freeman, Mel Brooks, Richard Donner and more we meet the man whose intelligence, kindness, and unflagging faith in the people he hired turned him into one of the most successful movie moguls in Hollywood history.

“Alan Ladd Jr.’s daughter has created a warm, personal and entertaining tribute to her father and his remarkable Hollywood career.” — Leonard Maltin