The Crossing


Mary D. Fisher Theatre Thu, Nov 12 7:00 PM
Film Info
Event Type:Narrative Feature
Release Year:2020
Run Time:90 minutes
Production Country:Norway
Original Language:Norwegian
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Johanne Helgeland
Cast:Anna Sofie Skarholt
Bo Lindquist-Ellingsen
Samson Steine
Bianca Ghilardi-Hellsten


“The Crossing” was the closing night film at the recent Sedona International Film Festival, where it earned rave reviews from the sold-out audience. It has also won numerous top awards at several prestigious film festivals around the world.

You are never too small to make a big difference.

“The Crossing” tells the story of the adventurous 10-year-old Gerda and her brother Otto, whose parents are in the Norwegian resistance movement during the Second World War. One day, just before Christmas in 1942, Gerda and Otto's parents are arrested, leaving the siblings on their own. Following the arrest, they discover two Jewish children, Sarah and Daniel, hidden in a secret cupboard in their basement at home.

It is now up to Gerda and Otto to finish what their parents started: To help Sarah and Daniel flee from the Nazis cross the border to neutral Sweden and reunite them with their parents. Through snow-heavy forests, the four children flee from German soldiers. The goal is to get to Sweden. Life and death are on the line for their escape. Fortunately, the good helpers meet along the way. But who can they really trust?

“The Crossing” is a film about the confidence, uncompromising loyalty and great courage you can find in even the youngest of children. It is a film of trust and friendship, of fear and of great courage in young people.