Thursday Film Block 3


Capitol Theater Thu, Aug 5 6:00 PM


Decafitated – Dir. Nero
Horror – 8 min.
A barista has a bad day, and in her mind all feel her wrath, but the bridge between fantasy and reality begins to blur as the question becomes answers and answers become questions.

Essenger – After Dark (Official Music Video) – Dir. Casey Steinmiller
Music Videos – 3 min.
Essenger brings his remarkable blend of influences to a shadowy new synthwave track with “After Dark.” Pulling elements from contemporary EDM and weaving them into a darkened retro synthscape led by Essenger’s distinctive vocal style, the song tells a story of distance and longing through its cinematic composition.

Family Tree – Dir. Patrick Boberg
Horror – 16 min.
A newly wed woman is unwittingly duped into a dark holiday tradition in her new family, now she is forced to carry out horrible acts in the days leading up to Christmas.

A February Canoe Float – Dir. Bruce G. McKee
Documentary – 4 min.
Dale has solo-paddled the Winnebago River in every month of every year for nearly two decades. This is one of his Winter canoe floats, narrated with his prose and observations of his passion of paddling and nature around him.

Gaslight – Dir. Louisa Weichmann
Horror – 15 min.
One night, a bar waitress encounters a mysterious and charming stranger whilst waiting at a bus terminal, however things soon take a dark turn when the stranger is revealed to be a psychotic vampire.

Great Monsters Walk These Halls – Dir. Mike Machian
Documentary – 15 min.
“Great Monsters Walk These Halls” is written on the wall backstage at Mystery Manor, Omaha’s longest running haunted house. Learn about its beginnings and how owner Wayne Sealy keeps it going alongside family, friends, and a generations of newcomers.

LOUIE – Dir. Robert Biggs
Drama – 22 min.
The prairie 1910: a wild night of boyish pranks turns deadly and haunts a man 48 years later.
In 1958 an old man, summoned by his long-estranged brother, crosses the prairie in a pickup truck to hear a haunting death bed confession. While in 1910 Louie, Peck and Peeler crash through the woods, bent on skinny-dipping in an abandoned gravel pit. They catch a hobo going through their pockets on shore, tackle him, shove him around and accidentally kill him. Louie lies to his older brother Roscoe about that night and leaves with his two friends to keep the secret safe. 48 years later a dying Louie needs to come clean.