Thursday Film Block 4 (Adults Only)


Capitol Theater Thu, Aug 5 8:00 PM


Danny’s Girl – Dir. Emily Wilson
Comedy – 12 min.
Danny, a lovable spazoid, meets his online girlfriend for the first time but accidentally discovers an unspeakable possession of hers. This throws their first night together into a dizzying tailspin as we watch it escalate into comedy of errors.

The Devil’s Asshole – Dir. Brian Lonano
Comedy – 5 min.
While finishing her chili for the cook off, Roxy accidentally summons a demon with nefarious plans…and a real anal fixation.

Disco Graveyard – Dir. Izzy Lee
Horror – 2 min.
Don’t be dead. The dead are dumb. Be weird.

The Doe – Dir. Jennifer Lumbroso
Horror – 18 min.
Helene is spending what seems to be a romantic week-end in French countryside until she has an argument with her lover and gets furious. She decides to flee away and finds herself into rural landscapes, clueless. Nature takes back its rights. The hunt is open. Helen becomes « the doe » while she encounters local characters.

DOUBLE TAP – Dir. Eros Vlahos
Horror – 2 min.
United Kingdom
A screen-obsessed teen ignores a chainmail instagram post. Big mistake.

The Glowing – Dir. Justus van den Elsen
Horror – 9 min.
Its the year 1850, on the border between the Netherlands and Belgium. A poor farmhand tries to smuggle his cattle over the border. There are stories about an ancient evil that lives in these swamps, who was cursed for his lies. When the farmhand also lies to his grandparents, his fate seems to be the same as the creature that wanders the night.

Gnats! The Trailer – Dir. Insane Mike Saunders, Jason Bolinger
Horror – 1 min.
A fake trailer for the deadliest 70’s “animals attack film” of all time.

Heat – Dir. Thessa Meijer
Horror – 2 min.
During an extreme heat wave, a shy girl seeks refuge in an ice cream shop. But when she looks into the eyes of the charming vendor, she is on thin ice.

Regret – Dir. Santiago Menghini
Horror – 15 min.
Following the death of his father, a man must survive the manifestations of his inner demons over the course of a dreary night.

Stucco – Dir. Janina Gavankar, Russo Schelling
Horror – 17 min.
This SXSW award winning short is reminiscent of slow burn horror of the 70s.
J is trying and failing to move forward as the scars of old relationships keep her trapped inside her new home. While hanging a piece of art, she knocks a hole in her wall that reveals what might be a hidden room. Her mind races to think what could be on the other side as she continues to unravel.

Susie – Dir. Jordan Doig
Horror – 15 min.
Susie and Andy’s relationship has become toxic. In order to deal with Andy’s controlling and emotionally damaging actions, Susie begins to manifest a real and physical horror.

Thorns – Dir. Sarah Wisner, Sean Temple
Horror – 5 min.
Gwen and Jade encounter unwanted attention during their unplanned stop at a creepy motel.