Friday Film Block 1


Capitol Theater Fri, Aug 6 12:00 PM


Blood Sisters – Dir. Joshua M. Thomas
Horror – 11 min.
A couple rebuilds their family. Now, they’ve got to figure out how to keep them fed.

Low Road – Dir. Michael McCallum
Drama – 6 min.
A man seeks revenge for the murder of his wife and goes to great lengths to even the score.

Modern Conveniences – Dir. James Edmunds
Comedy – 10 min.
A microwave that cools as quickly as it warms! Dry cleaning in your closet – instantly! A self-making bed! Dr. Anthony LePage, Creative Science Director for The PhewChurr Corporation, shows off these innovations – and much more!

Nocturnal – Dir. Benjamin Schmidt
Horror – 17 min.
Owen is out for a evening stroll when he encounters a young woman named Mercy who claims she is being followed by a strange man. Owen decides to walk Mercy home, thinking he can keep her safe. However, as the night goes on, it is revealed there is more to Mercy and this strange man than it seems.

The Pewter Bros. – Dir. Michael McCallum
Comedy – 11 min.
Two brothers are in search of a missing treasure if they can get past being around each other long enough to find it.

Saving Grace – Pilot Episode – Dir. Brittany Benedict, Michael Huntington
Drama – 21 min.
Ex-communicated mafia member, Joey, plans to take out his former mob boss Tommy; driven not only by his desire for revenge on Tommy, but also by his passion for protecting his hometown of Grace City from the corrupt forces taking root in the mob.

Those Beautiful Moments – Dir. Vasily Chuprina
Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 14 min.
Russian Federation
“Those beautiful moments” tells the story of a scientist on the search for eternal beauty and life.