Saturday Film Block 4


Capitol Theater Sat, Aug 7 6:00 PM


Caniglia – Dir. David M. Weiss
Documentary – 9 min.
Caniglia is known for his emotionally charged figurative and portrait paintings, which focus on the human condition. His work explores moments caught in time that show glimpses of climate change, wars, revolution, and poverty. His work embraces the old masters’ style of technical virtuosity while embodying the ancient Greek archetypes of life, love, death and rebirth. Caniglia has a strong global following with his work in private collections and museums around the world. This film strikes at the heart of the human psyche and gives the audience an inside look at his illuminating, foreboding, haunting but always poignant narrative paintings. Caniglia’s world wallows in the glories of expansiveness, empathy, and timeless places.

FLAVA – Dir. Tarrell Christie
Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 20 min.
Raekwon, the actor behind a popular energy drink mascot named Lil Pooky, is criticized for the messages his performances send to the public. In a knee jerk attempt to put a message behind his character, he finds that Lil Pooky may be tied into a horrifying conspiracy.

LOVESBLIND – borderlines – Dir. Emille Lacsa
Music Videos – 3 min.
Music video for “borderlines” by LOVESBLIND.

Moonrunner83 & Megan McDuffee – Streets (Official Video) – Dir. Joel Varjassy, Clayton Varjassy
Music Videos – 11 min.
From Moonrunner83 and Megan McDuffee comes “Streets,” the beloved synthwave song and marquee track off the acclaimed EP of the same name. Lyrically and sonically, “Streets” represents one of the darkest offerings in Moonrunner83’s discography, and its accompanying short film pulls viewers into a well-realized vision of the dystopian retrofuture. The film’s neon-noir aesthetic and innovative re-imagining of ‘80s and early ‘90s culture in a cyberpunk setting marks it as one of the most ambitious synthwave creations to date, and it adds a new dimension to Moonrunner83 as an artist with bold plans for the future.

No Crying at the Dinner Table – Dir. Carol Nguyen
Documentary 15 min.
A collection of family secrets, confessions and confrontation.

Scripted Life – Dir. Andrew Littlefield
Drama – 3 min.
A short memoir on the memory of his mother and the inspiration to make film.

Talk Outside – Dir. Austin Davison
Comedy – 7 min.
When two tough guys leave a bar to fight, their search for the right spot becomes an adventure.

ULTRA – Dir. Bruce James Bales
Documentary – 13 min.
Join Caleb Smith on a journey of gratitude through mind, body, and soul as he skates his way down Coastal Highway 1.

Wilt – Dir. Wes Worthing
Drama – 9 min.
A woman endures the stages of grief following a relationship breakup. While she wilts emotionally, flowers in the room also die slowly.