Saturday Film Block 5


Capitol Theater Sat, Aug 7 8:00 PM


Blocks – Dir. Bridget Moloney
Comedy – 11 min.
An existential comedy about the mother of two young children who begins to spontaneously vomit toy blocks.

Buck – Dir. Elegance Bratton, Jovan James
Drama – 14 min.
Caught in the midst of a depressive fugue Lynn turns to debauchery to ease his troubled soul only to discover that happines is a complicated goal.

Dieorama – Dir. Kevin Staake
Documentary – 10 min.
By day, she visits morgues, observes autopsies, and studies picture of crime scenes. By night, she turns nightmarish imaginings into precise, red-splattered miniatures.

Homegoing – Dir. Carlton Daniel Jr.
Drama – 13 min.
Junior balances the expectations of working at his father’s funeral home and a night out with friends. When grief intrudes on his closet relationships, Junior must face the full circle of life, forcing him to see the world as it truly is.

Ruby Bones – “Don’t Lose Your Head” – Dir. Brian Lonano
Music Videos – 2 min.
When the stress of life is too much for Ruby, she falls prey to a strangely familiar Witch who steals her head.

Single – Dir. Ashley Eakin
Comedy – 14 min.
A film that confronts the complexities of being disabled and dating. Kim, who was born with on arm, gets set-up to go on a blind date. When she finally meets Jake, she quickly realizes he also has a physical disability, and she is pissed.

Still Wylde – Dir. Ingrid Haas
Comedy – 12 min.
Gertie and her on-and-off boyfriend, Sam, face a major life decision only to realize that even when they know what they want, life has other plans.