Sunday Film Block 1


Capitol Theater Sun, Aug 8 11:00 AM


Airwaves – Dir. Daniel Kwantes
Drama – 25 min.
A podcast host wants to take his show to the next level. The lines blur between his show and his life.

Dead Man’s Shoes – Dir. Eric Benson
Music Videos – 4 min.
A music video for a song based on the life of Nick Yarris, who was wrongfully accused and convicted of murder. Yarris spent 22 years on death row when in 2003, DNA evidence proved that he had not committed the crime, and in 2004 Yarris was released. The documentary The Fear of 13, was also based on Yarris’ experience.

Intervention – Dir. Ben Matthews
Drama – 32 min.
Over the course of 24 hours, a young mobster becomes the victim of betrayal and violence as he struggles to maintain his power.

Iowa Veterans Perspective – Behind the Scenes – Dir. Ben Matthews
Documentary – 6 min.
Take a look behind the camera at what it takes to run the Iowa Veterans Perspective non-profit.

Nightmare in Paradise – Dir. Robert Kirk
Comedy – 9 min.
“Nightmare in Paradise” is a short film about an emigre from Kansas named Willard Thaddeus Fillmore who has a nightmare about trying to run a business in California. Things go from bad to worse when a Wazeri Immigrant Transgender cross-dresser shows up for a job interview. Willard’s nightmare is based on actual California law.

Sold Down The River – Dir. Karen Erbach Lawlor
Documentary – 14 min.
In the state of Wisconsin, third world water conditions have become an epidemic, brought on by factory farms and big agribusiness. Legislators seem to put the interests of their corporate donors over the health and safety concerns of their constituents, and they continue to support bills that protect big business and polluters. This disturbing trend has been happening across the United States.