Sunday Film Block 3


Capitol Theater Sun, Aug 8 3:00 PM


Cedar Creek – Dir. Dick DeAngelis
Documentary – 7 min.
Cedar Creek is a thought-provoking short film about one small but important creek in Jefferson County, Iowa and what happened to the water and the wildlife when the creek was altered. Written and directed by award-winning documentarian Dick DeAngelis and made possible by a Community Art Gathering grant from the BeWildReWild Fund.

Dinner with Dad – Dir. Brittany Benedict
Drama – 13 min.
“Dinner with Dad” is a holiday short film that takes place around the dinner table as a man, David, and his wife, Rachel, visit his elderly father Robert for Christmas. While David and Rachel are eager to catch up and celebrate the holiday, Robert is only interested in hashing out the transgressions of the past. When Robert is given the chance to remember the past for what it was, he must decide between holding on to his resentment, or letting it go to embrace to future.

Earth FM – Dir. Philip Rabalais
Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 10 min.
Earth FM is a minimalist sci-fi about imaginary science and sonic symbiosis. Three researchers reach into the planet using esoteric audio equipment. Their search for signal culminates when their transmissions cross, resulting in a mysterious and cathartic discovery.

For the Goblins – Dir. Hypnus Yao
Sci-Fi / Fantasy – 15 min.
An ordinary college student SEBASTIAN gets kidnapped by Goblins on his way home from a party. With the desire of getting some goblin wine, he makes a deal with the Goblins. Sebastian brings home a young Goblin, RRRUBY, who does not understand anything about human society but he has to perform it the way of acting like a human being. At first, Sebastian does not want to take care of RRRuby; instead, he only wants to enjoy his price, the Goblin wine. However, he then learns that without taking his responsibility, not only he won’t be able to get his price but also RRRuby might get seriously injured because of his negligence. In the end, Sebastian decides to finish his mission, teach RRRuby to act like a human being. Sebastian then begins to introduce clothing, food, language, transportation, and technology to the young Goblin. They have a short but rich time. In the end, Sebastian brings RRRuby back to the Goblin forest, they both complete their mission. Moreover, they become very good friends even though they are very different species.

The Foursome – Dir. Zack McTee
Documentary – 29 min.
Iowa’s Waukon Golf Club is so small that a round of 18 means playing the 9 hole course twice. But the Iowa course created something Augusta and Pebble Beach never could – a friendship that has lasted well beyond 18 holes. This short documentary follows a lively foursome as they play their 50th outing at the Waukon Men’s Invitational.

Love is a Flame – Dir. Matthew Tribble
Comedy – 5 min.
A dame and her lover plot to kill her unsuspecting husband, bringing Hell upon them.

Lower Town: Burlington, Iowa – Dir. David Beckman, Russ Fry
Documentary – 4 min.
View Burlington, Iowa’s Lower Town region as it looks today, in 1885, and 1944.

Movie Night – Dir. Joseph Stevens
Comedy – 6 min.
A young couple sits down to watch a movie, only to have their evening interrupted by a mysterious intruder.

Rocks in My Head – Dir. Burt Chojnowski
Comedy – 1 min.
United Kingdom
1 minute silent film in B&W featuring Alden Busscher.

Tennyson – Dir. Hannah Rosalie Wright
Drama – 9 min.
A troubled couple must decide if they will take medicine that will erase the other from their memories.