Met Live Opera: Ariadne auf Naxos


Mary D. Fisher Theatre Sat, Mar 12 11:00 AM
Film Info
Event Type:Met Live Opera
Run Time:2 hours, 50 minutes
Met Company
Conductor:Marek Janowski
Opera Company:Lise Davidsen (Ariadne)
Brenda Rae (Zerbinetta)
Isabel Leonard (Composer)
Brandon Jovanovich (Bacchus)
Sean Michael Plumb (Harlequin)
Johannes Martin Kränzle (Music Master)
Thomas Allen (Major-Domo)
Production:Elijah Moshinsky
Set Designer:Michael Yeargan
Costume Designer:Michael Yeargan
Lighting Designer:Gil Wechsler


Richard Strauss’s

Ariadne auf Naxos

Cast: Lise Davidsen (Ariadne), Brenda Rae (Zerbinetta), Isabel Leonard (Composer), Brandon Jovanovich (Bacchus), Sean Michael Plumb (Harlequin), Johannes Martin Kränzle (Music Master), Thomas Allen (Major-Domo)

There will be a pre-opera talk led by Deborah Raymond one hour before the performance.

Soprano Lise Davidsen makes her Live in HD debut in one of her signature roles, the mythological Greek heroine of Strauss’s enchanting masterpiece. The outstanding cast also features mezzo-soprano Isabel Leonard as the Composer of the opera-within-an-opera around which the plot revolves, with soprano Brenda Rae as the spirited Zerbinetta and tenor Brandon Jovanovich as Ariadne’s lover, the god Bacchus. Marek Janowski conducts.

Preparations are in progress for the opera Ariadne auf Naxos. The major-domo informs the music master that an Italian comedy will be performed after the opera, followed by fireworks. Confusion ensues, and in the midst of the hustle and bustle, the major-domo announces that, in order for the fireworks to begin on time, the opera and the comedy are to be performed simultaneously. The music master persuades the composer to trim the score, while the two lead singers urge him to abridge the other’s part. Zerbinetta prepares her troupe and then proceeds to flirt with the composer. The young man finds new hope, but when he sees the comedians ready to go on stage, he realizes with horror what he has agreed to.

The Opera
Three nymphs look on while Ariadne despairs, and the comedians are doubtful whether they will be able to cheer her up. Ariadne resolves to await Hermes, messenger of death. Zerbinetta addresses her directly, woman to woman, advising that she change an old love for a new one. The nymphs announce the approach of a ship carrying the god Bacchus. Ariadne prepares to greet her visitor, whom she thinks must be death. Entranced by Ariadne’s beauty, Bacchus professes his love for her, and together, they ascend to the heavens—leaving Zerbinetta with the last word.