Earth Mother's Cry



Film Info
Event Type:Free Film Screening
followed by Panel Discussion


The Sedona International Film Festival is proud to partner with The Mother Earth Restoration Trust to present a FREE SCREENINGS of “Earth Mother’s Cry” on Saturday, Nov. 6 at 4 pm at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre.

In “Earth Mother’s Cry”, the Mother Earth brings our attention to the direct correlation between restoring ourselves — the reconsecration of humanity — and the restoration and reconsecration of sacred lands. Consequently, our healing is the healing of Nature.

The film presentation will be facilitated by members of The Mother Earth Restoration Trust and the Circle for All Life, a collective, unified by our volition and commitment to answer the call of our great Mother Earth to heal the Feminine and Nature through a process of Remembrance. The focus is on augmenting the voice of the Earth by restoring our original and sacred relationship with Nature, which begins with healing ourselves.

Following the showing of “Earth Mother’s Cry”, join in the dialogue to support, listen and learn from one another, gaining the strength, wisdom and courage to remember our sacred place in Nature. The group will share Principles of Origin that the Mother Earth deems necessary and important for humanity to remember, as they too are part of the Web of Life, and therefore have a responsibility to care of all of the elemental beings of nature that sustain us alive.

One viewer shared, “This film touched my heart deeply and awakened parts of my awareness that I did not know needed to be awakened. I see things differently now.”

Contributions to the Mother Earth Restoration Trust are deeply appreciated.


This free event will also include a screening of the short film “Verde River Headwaters”, showcasing the heart-felt endeavor to preserve this tract of land that is home to 7 Springs that birth the Verde River, and serves as a doorway into the profundities of our individual and collective consciousness, where the understandings of our sacred relationship and responsibilities to the Waters of the planet reside.