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Film Info
Event Type:Narrative Feature - Festival Flashback
Romantic Comedy
Release Year:2012
Run Time:111 minutes
Production Country:France
Original Language:French
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Régis Roinsard
Cast:Romain Duris
Déborah François


Rose Pamphyle (Déborah François) aspires to become a secretary, but she's clumsy and helplessly disorganized, meaning she's a disaster in the office. When she starts working for insurance man Louis Échard (Romain Duris), her one true talent starts to shine through.

Rose reveals a special gift: she can type at extraordinary speed. Unwittingly, the young woman awakens the dormant sports fan in Louis. If she wants the job she'll have to compete in a speed typing competition. Whatever sacrifices Rose must make to reach the top, Louis declares himself her trainer. He'll turn her into the fastest girl not only in the country, but in the world!

The two become locked in the grip of romance and competition as they train together for a speed-typing contest. But a love of sport doesn't always mix well with love itself, igniting hilarious consequences.

“Populaire” is charming, utterly delightful and laugh-out-loud funny.