Cirque du Soleil™ Journey of Man


Alice Gill-Sheldon Theatre Fri, Sep 9 6:30 PM
Alice Gill-Sheldon Theatre Sat, Sep 10 6:30 PM
Alice Gill-Sheldon Theatre Sun, Sep 11 6:30 PM
Alice Gill-Sheldon Theatre Mon, Sep 12 3:30 PM
Alice Gill-Sheldon Theatre Tue, Sep 13 3:30 PM
Alice Gill-Sheldon Theatre Wed, Sep 14 3:30 PM
Film Info
Event Type:Special Event!
Release Year:2000
Run Time:75 minutes (total feature and short film)
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Keith Melton
Cast:Ian McKellen, narrator


“Cirque du Soleil™ Journey of Man” is a celebration of the human spirit that combines the unique artistry and music of Cirque du Soleil™ with the power of film. Filmed on location at various natural and historical landmarks around the world, “Cirque du Soleil™ Journey of Man” follows the stages of human development from birth to maturity, with each stage introduced by a Cirque du Soleil™ act.

Lavishly costumed performers interpret the six stages of man's life, from birth through old age. Narrated by Ian McKellen, each historic backdrop serve as locations for each performance with the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin the final stop.

This stop signifies the hope for the future of mankind. Although this adventure may have been his own unique journey, it is truly the destination of all mankind.

BONUS SHORT FILM: “The Butterfly Circus”
All screenings of “Cirque du Soleil™ Journey of Man” will include a bonus screening of the award-winning short film “The Butterfly Circus” which has won 35 film festival awards around the world, including the Best Short and Audience Favorite Awards at the Sedona International Film Festival. It has been seen by more than 70 million people around the world.

“The Butterfly Circus” is the story of a renowned circus troupe traveling through the devastated American landscape at the height of the Great Depression, lifting the spirits of audiences along the way. During their travels they discover Will — a man without limbs in a carnival sideshow. Now, inspired by the performers of the Butterfly Circus, Will embarks on a journey of truth, enlightenment, and inner beauty. However, can Will look past his physical limitations and find his true calling?