Railway Children


Mary D. Fisher Theatre Fri, Sep 30 4:00 PM
Mary D. Fisher Theatre Sat, Oct 1 4:00 PM
Mary D. Fisher Theatre Sun, Oct 2 4:00 PM
Mary D. Fisher Theatre Mon, Oct 3 7:00 PM
Mary D. Fisher Theatre Tue, Oct 4 7:00 PM
Mary D. Fisher Theatre Thu, Oct 6 2:00 PM
Film Info
Event Type:Narrative Feature
Release Year:2022
Run Time:95 minutes
Production Country:United States, United Kingdom
Original Language:English
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Morgan Matthews
Cast:John Bradley
Jenny Agutter
Sheridan Smith
Tom Courtenay
Beau Gadsdon
Austin Haynes
Jessica Baglow


Inspired by one of the most beloved British family films of all time, “Railway Children” is an enchanting, moving, and heart-warming adventure for a new generation.

“Railway Children” is set in 1944 in rural England against the backdrop of WW2 when children are flooding into the countryside to escape the bombing of industrial cities.

As life in Britain's cities becomes increasingly perilous, three evacuee children are sent by their mother from Salford to the Yorkshire village of Oakworth. With the help of Bobbie Waterbury (Jenny Agutter), a group of young evacuees are taken into her rural home and begin to settle into their new life in the countryside.

When the children discover injured American soldier Abe (KJ Aikens), hiding out in the railyard at Oakworth Station, they are thrust into a dangerous quest to assist their new friend who, like them, is a long way from home. Then, a true adventure ensues.