The Crucible: National Theatre of London


Alice Gill-Sheldon Theatre Sun, Mar 5, 2023 3:00 PM
Film Info
Event Type:National Theatre of London
Run Time:3 hours (including intermission)


The National Theatre of London continues its season with its acclaimed new production of “The Crucible” showing in Sedona on Sunday, March 5 at 3 p.m. The Sedona International Film Festival hosts the big screen premiere at its Alice Gill-Sheldon Theatre.

A witch hunt is beginning in Arthur Miller’s captivating parable of power — “The Crucible” — with Erin Doherty (“The Crown”) and Brendan Cowell (“Yerma”).

Raised to be seen but not heard, a group of young women in Salem suddenly find their words have an almighty power.  As a climate of fear, vendetta and accusation spreads through the community, no one is safe from trial.

Lyndsey Turner (“Hamlet”) directs this contemporary new staging, designed by Tony Award-winner Es Devlin (“The Lehman Trilogy”). Captured live from the Olivier stage at the National Theatre.

“A gripping revival of Arthur Miller’s masterpiece.” — Telegraph

“A breathtaking theatrical event.” — The Reviews Hub

“It doesn’t get much more spectacular.” — Time Out

“Erin Doherty lights up the stage in this fresh revival.” — Evening Standard