Neil Turok, Perimeter Institute and University of Edinburgh


Mike Lazaridis Theatre of Ideas Wed, Oct 25, 2023 7:00 PM


PI Public Lecture Series:

Title: Secrets of the Universe – Hiding in Plain Sight?

Free tickets to attend in person, will become available on Monday, Oct 10 at 9 am EDT.



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Please, if you are feeling unwell, help keep our community healthy by watching the live webcast at home rather than joining us in person. If you need to cancel your tickets, please go to CANCEL FREE TICKETS.

Attendance to the lecture is free, but advance tickets are required. Our lectures consistently sell out. As a courtesy to our waiting list guests your ticket will be honoured until 6:45 PM only. If you have not arrived by 6:45 PM your reservation will be filled by another guest, and you will be asked to join the end of the waiting line.

The Perimeter Institute Public Lecture Series is made possible in part by the support of donors like you.
Be part of the equation.

Doors open at 6:00 pm

Black Hole Bistro - will not be open

Waiting Line Experience
There will be a waiting line for last minute cancelled (or ‘no show’) seats on the night of the lecture. Doors open at 6:00 pm. Come to Perimeter and pick-up a waiting line chit at the Waiting Line sign. An announcement will be made in the Atrium around 6:50 pm if theatre seats are available. Note: you must arrive in person to be part of the waiting line and be in the Atrium when the waiting line announcement is made.

No Dissapointments
Everyone who comes to Perimeter will be able to participate in the lecture. The public lecture will be shown simultaneously on closed circuit television in the quiet of the Time Room for any members of the waiting line who are not able to get a theatre seat.

Live Webcast Online
For most lectures the on-demand playback will be online within 24 hours after the live event. Check our YouTube page for the playbacks.