Before the Sun: Indigenous Film Festival


Film Info
Event Type:Indigenous Film Festival
Feature Film: "Before the Sun"
Release Year:2023
Run Time:89 minutes
Production Country:Canada
Original Language:English, Blackfoot


The Verde Valley Archaeology Center & Museum is proud to launch our first Indigenous Film Festival, in cooperation with the Sedona International Film Festival, on November 3 and 4.

It is the mission of this film festival to break systematic barriers by creating cultural understanding through film. Our vision for the future of cinema is one in which Native American and Indigenous perspectives are respectfully pictured, recognized and valued in a way that promotes authentic identities, economic outcomes, equity and wellbeing for our Indigenous communities.

SATURDAY, NOV. 4 at 7:00 p.m. — Feature film "BEFORE THE SUN"

A selection at over 30 film festivals, this award-winning documentary, including Best Feature Documentary, Best Sound, Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Scriptwriting, takes us to the golden plains of the Blackfoot Nation of southern Alberta, to the home of Logan Red Crow, a young Siksika woman whose passion is the Indian Relay. A sport for the truly brave, the Relay's bareback riders vault from horse to horse in short, exhilarating races. Gentle and reflective, yet unshakable in her determination, Logan is a champion in the making. The film follows her through one competition after another, showing her courage put to the test.

"Aitamaako'tamisskapi Natosi: Before the Sun" offers the dual pleasures of serenity and suspense with leisurely, lyrical immersion in rural life as well as the thrill of rooting for victory. Logan's bond with her horses is palpable. The animals are beautiful in their mute strength, and the director honors them with loving, graceful images. The connections explored here are profound and lasting: those between Father and Daughter, animal and human, family and community, ancestral tradition and contemporary life. Graceful, compelling and uplifting, this is an inspirational gem. It offers, through Logan, her horses, her family and her Nation, a portrait of radiant heroism.

Preceded by the short film: "Long Line of Ladies"

From Academy Award Winner Rayka Zehtabchi and Shaandiin Tome, "Long Line of Ladies" tells the story of a girl and her community as they prepare for her Ihuk, the once-dormant coming of age ceremony of the Karuk tribe of Northern California. The Ihuk Ceremony brings together the young girl’s family and community to make luck and medicine for her as she transitions into becoming a young woman.  This is one of the few ceremonies when an entire family can dance and sing together.

Tickets are $12 or $9 for SIFF and VVAC members, as well as members of Federally recognized and State recognized Tribal Nations and/or are affiliated with a Tribal community. VVAC members and Tribal members can receive the discounted price by calling the box office for tickets at (928) 282-1177, or at the box office door, and indicate your membership or affiliation.