Wellness Wednesday with Jaye Smith and Adriana Barone


The Church Wed, Dec 20, 2023 10:00 AM



Bring your yoga mat and blanket and join us this Wellness Wednesday as we shed the past and embrace the coming year with an immersive sound bath led by wellness leaders Jaye Smith and Adriana Barone. The Duo invites you to experience the power and benefits of combining the vibrations of the Ancient Gongs and ethereal crystal singing bowls as you awaken to your true self.

Guided through a visual and physical experience, participants will reveal highest potential by allowing the soothing tones and overtones to bring them into a deeper state of consciousness. Filled with sound, the mind quiets, the heart opens and energy fields begin to clear; this practice has been shown to positively affect the immune and nervous systems, relieve stress, and stimulate bilateral function in the brain. In her own words, Jaye says of their work, “Our sound bath immersion is like getting a vibrational massage on a cellular level. The various frequencies open your body, bypass your mind, and deepen a sense of calm and peace. You will then be open to new and more aligned possibilities.” Join us for this restorative Wellness Wednesday session!

Led by an expert from the healing or wellness space, Wellness Wednesdays harnesses the wealth of experience and expertise of our local area, which is rich in wellness leaders, and offers it back to the community. This new series celebrates and explores one’s creative self, centering on personal wellness in mind, body, and spirit. From yoga to gong immersions to lectures and conversations and beyond, Wellness Wednesdays occur the third Wednesday of every month at 10 AM, with a different iteration each time.  

Aligned with our existing programs Insight Sundays and Knowledge Fridays, which provide insight into the creative processes of artists and the lives of community leaders, respectively, Wellness Wednesdays encourages attendees to position themselves as dynamic conduits of energy and creativity.