AWAKENING: A Unique Musical Experience Celebrating March Equinox


Mary D. Fisher Theatre Sat, Mar 30 7:00 PM
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Event Type:Live concert event
featuring Gaeya and Kel Mockingbird


Come and celebrate the reactivating power of sunlight and energy this Spring with a unique live concert performance collaboration featuring Swedish vocal artist GAYEA and Native American flute player KEL MOCKINGBIRD from Sedona/Arizona. Experience the exceptional blend of uplifting Nordic and Southwest spirits and allow the healing vibrations to awaken you.

There will be one performance on Saturday, March 30 at 7 p.m. at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre, presented by Worldstrings Promotion.

GAEYA - Imagine you want to reconnect with Mother Earth. Then, GAEYA is for you. Rooted in Sweden, she blends Scandinavian mystery - driven by powerful vocals - with sounds of natural ancient worlds and ambient synth-soundscapes by converting them into atmospheric landscapes. GAEYA takes you on an immersive journey to a different place for you to explore the earth by getting drawn into freshly woven webs of intergalactic pop music and deep-rooted Nordic frequencies. GAEYA invokes a desire to return to nature. Immerse yourself in the ethereal sounds of the music of GAEYA, a captivating journey deeply connected to the Earth and nature. With a grandiose and atmospheric sound, their melodies transport you to the heart of the natural world. Each note resonates with the beauty of the elements, taking you on a sonic adventure through lush forests, majestic mountains, and serene oceans. Experience the harmony between the music and the planet, and let the captivating rhythms of nature guide your soul. Discover a new dimension in music, where the terrestrial and celestial merge in perfect harmony. Welcome to a world of sound that will elevate your spirit and connect you to the very essence of our planet!

KEL MOCKINGBIRD - “Experience the Center Of The Universe and Discover the Harmony Within. I am K. Mockingbird of the Dineh Nation. I come from a small town called Pinon Arizona where I listened much to the Wind and spoke to the Stars. I have music of the past 33 years available …. May the Creator cradle us and breathe beauty into us all. In Beauty, we walk... K. Mockingbird~ (Dineh/Navajo) (Born of the Reed and for the Bitterwater people) - “Alone we are a single note lingering in the Universe but united we are a song echoing throughout the Cosmos” - K. Mockingbird”

Tickets are $25 in advance or $30 at the door. All tickets include a meet-and-greet with GAEYA and Kel Mockingbird in the lobby after the show.

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