Dir. Benjamin Ree; 2024


Missouri Theatre Thu, Feb 29 9:45 PM
Q&A with director Benjamin Ree
Jesse Auditorium Fri, Mar 1 7:00 PM
Q&A with director Benjamin Ree
Missouri Theatre Sat, Mar 2 9:30 AM
Q&A with director Benjamin Ree
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Original Language:Norwegian, English


Mats Steen was born with a degenerative muscular disease, and playing video games from his wheelchair was one of his only forms of solace. In the eyes of his family, his life was one of isolation and loneliness. However,after his death at age 25, messages started pouring in from his online friends, reflecting on the huge impact he had on their lives. Through these messages, they learned about Ibelin, Mats’ charismatic alter-ego inside World of Warcraft,, and his complex identity as agony uncle, trusted confidante, and complicated playboy. Weaving together narrated entries from Mats’ blog, interviews with his digital companions, and reconstructed scenes inside the animated game world, Ibelin is a touching and innovative portrait of a young man who found an enriching community and human connection in the virtual realm. (CT)