Seeking Mavis Beacon

Dir. Jazmin Jones; 2023


Jesse Auditorium Thu, Feb 29 10:00 PM
Missouri Theatre Sat, Mar 2 3:00 PM
Missouri Theatre Sun, Mar 3 9:30 AM
Film Info
Original Language:English


Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, a best-selling educational software that helped define the digital age, made its titular character a household name. However, Renee L'Espérance - the Haitian-born woman modeling as Mavis Beacon, has never been heard from on the record. Determined to recenter L'Espérance's voice, director Jazmin Jones and co-investigator Olivia McKayla Ross embark on a personal odyssey in search of the missing historical figure. The e-girl detectives - buoyed by their vibrant friendship, curiosity, and transformative justice frameworks - painstakingly search online and across the country for resolution, interrogating their own methodologies in the process. Through the blending of myth and memory, Seeking Mavis Beacon disrupts traditional documentary form while posing critical questions regarding exploitation, Black representation, and the right to be forgotten in the digital realm. (AT)