This Is Going To Be Big

Dir. Thomas Charles Hyland; 2023


The Blue Note Thu, Feb 29 7:00 PM
Q&A with director Thomas Charles Hyland
Missouri Theatre Fri, Mar 1 11:00 AM
Q&A with director Thomas Charles Hyland
Jesse Auditorium Sun, Mar 3 6:15 PM
Q&A with director Thomas Charles Hyland
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Original Language:English


This Is Going To Be Big follows a group of neurodiverse high school students in Australia as they audition, rehearse, and stage their biennial production; an original school musical centered around Australian singer John Farnham.Told from the teenagers’ perspective and documenting their experiences with autism, anxiety, and acquired brain injuries, the film traces their journey alongside their families and school staff as they navigate the challenges leading up to opening night. Focused on four teenagers – Chelsea, Elyse, Halle and Josh – the film captures their preparations for roles in the musical, forging friendships, overcoming stage fright, and creating lasting memories along the way with warmth and heart. First-time feature filmmaker Thomas Charles Hyland takes us on an emotional and relatable exploration of following your dreams, unveiling the role creativity plays in building identity. (EP)