Virtuosic Bach and Jazz Cafe


Joseph Strug Concert Hall Fri, May 31 7:30 PM


Using music from J.S. Bach’s The Art of Fugue, Christos Hatzis’s Stylus imitates a “broken record”, skipping and repeating material to create a shifting focus. Then, Kerson Leong brings us Bach’s magnificent C Major solo sonata, with its towering and virtuosic fugue, and Joseph Petric follows with a new work by Abigail Richardson. We close with the fabulous jazz-klezmer-Broadway mix of Paul Schoenfield’s Café Music.

Christos Hatzis: Stylus

Joseph Petric, accordion
Airi Yoshioka, violin
Sharon Wei, viola

J.S. Bach: Sonata in C Major, BWV 1005

Kerson Leong, violin

Abigail Richardson: Bloom

Joseph Petric, accordion
Mark Lee, violin
Gwen Hoebig, violin
Isaac Chalk, viola
Blair Lofgren, cello

Paul Schoenfield: Café Music

Mark Fewer, violin
Cameron Crozman, cello
John Novacek, piano