Le Samouraï


Film Info
Release Year:1967
Production Country:France
Original Langauge:French
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Jean-Pierre Melville
Cast:Alain Delon
François Périer
Nathalie Delon
Cathy Rosier
Catherine Jourdan


We will screen a 4K restoration of Melville’s film, allowing a new generation of moviegoers to watch Delon glower in glorious high definition.

Le Samouraï stars Delon as Jef Costello, who goes on the lam in Paris after a hit gone bad. The plot is boilerplate, but pulled off with slow-burn style, especially in a justly legendary scene in which police methodically attempt to pick Costello out of a lineup of similarly dressed Frenchmen.

After carrying out a flawlessly planned hit, Jef Costello, a contract killer with samurai instincts, finds himself caught between a persistent police investigator and a ruthless employer, and not even his armor of fedora and trench coat can protect him.