The Old Oak


Mary D. Fisher Theatre Fri, May 31 7:00 PM
Film Info
Event Type:Narrative Feature
Release Year:2023
Run Time:113 minutes
Production Country:United Kingdom, France, Belgium
Original Language:English, Arabic
Cast/Crew Info
Director:Ken Loach
Cast:Dave Turner
Ebla Mari
Claire Rodgerson
Trevor Fox


“The Old Oak” won the Directors’ Choice Best Humanitarian Film at the recent Sedona International Film Festival.

The Old Oak is the last pub standing in a once thriving mining village in northern England, a gathering space for a community that has fallen on hard times. There is growing anger, resentment, and a lack of hope among the residents, but the pub and its proprietor TJ are a fond presence to their customers.

When a group of Syrian refugees move into the floundering village, a decisive rift fueled by prejudices develops between the community and its newest inhabitants.

The formation of an unexpected friendship between TJ and a young Syrian woman named Yara opens up new possibilities for the divided village in this deeply moving drama about loss, fear, and the difficulty of finding hope. Can they find a way for the two communities to understand each other?

Legendary, award-winning British director Ken Loach — who is 87 years old — has announced that “The Old Oak” will be his final film.