An Evening of Aliveness with Emilia


Film Info
Event Type:Live Performance
Run Time:90-120 minutes


Join us for an Evening of Aliveness with Emilia at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre on July 2nd for a night of poetry, music, film, movement, and storytelling from the heart.

This event is the culmination of five years of devotional creativity — and the incredible transformation that occurs when we commit to something beyond ourselves.

In this time, Emilia has written hundreds of poems and short stories and has books in the works. She has danced, sang, learned the piano and the guitar, started songwriting and composing music, recorded an EP, created short films (one of which kicked off the Illuminate Film Festival in 2022.) She has made her own clothes, decorated spaces, took countless photographs, painted, illustrated, macramé’d.

And now she is stepping into performing and sharing a glimpse into the inspiration that fuels her life.

She has repeatedly pushed the limits of what she thought she was capable of and discovered all kinds of untapped resources and capabilities along the way.

From lived experience, she believes everyone can access endless gifts through intention, consistency and surrender. She has devoted herself to finding all of the ways we can finesse genius out of ourselves and is obsessed with the expanse of the human heart. At the core of it, she is deeply curious about what it looks and feels like to be fully alive.

Emilia’s signature authentic, humorous and improvisational style allows her to weave her creative expression in a potent and gentle way, bringing us right back to ourselves and our own inspiration.

Her work reflects the depth of her personal journey and is rich with grace and insights. It is an offering of what she’s learned and is learning.

She never knows for sure what she’s going to “do” when she steps onto the stage, because she loves meeting the universe on the spot—showing up in her fullness and curiosity and seeing what unfolds from there.

That being said, on this particular evening, we may find ourselves singing songs from the creek, sending out prayers for the monsoons, becoming the ocean, giggling about our heartbreaks and mistakes, relaxing into ourselves, and cresting our edges as we step into the unknown together.

Whatever it is, we’re going for it.

Bring your heart, your hopes, your receptivity, and your tenderness.

This will be a whimsical deep dive into creativity, magic, laughter, nourishment and our shared humanness and divinity. A celebration of “la joie de vivre” 

This event celebrates the five-year anniversary of Emilia’s devotional commitment to creativity, surrender and aliveness that began upon her arrival to Sedona in June 2019. It will include an interactive performance of many forms of creative expression, including a showing of Emilia’s short film from “1000 Days of Creativity”.

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