La Cenerentola: Met Opera Encore


Mary D. Fisher Theatre Sat, Aug 3 12:00 PM
Film Info
Event Type:Met Opera Summer Encore
Release Year:2013/2014 Season
Run Time:3 hours, 2 minutes
Met Company
Conductor:Fabio Luisi
Opera Company:Joyce DiDonato
Juan Diego Flo´rez
Pietro Spagnoli
Alessandro Corbelli
Luca Pisaroni
Production:PRODUCTION Cesare Lievi
Set Designer:Maurizio Balo`
Costume Designer:Maurizio Balo`
Lighting Designer:Gigi Saccomandi
Choreographer:Daniela Schiavone


The Sedona International Film Festival is proud to present the summer encore of the Met Opera’s “La Cenerentola” (from the 2013-14 season) on Saturday, Aug. 3 at 12 p.m. at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre.

Rossini’s charming take on the Cinderella story returns to cinemas, starring mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato and tenor Juan Diego Flórez in Cesare Lievi’s whimsical production. Fabio Luisi conducts.

A fairy-tale kingdom. Angelina, called Cenerentola, lives as a maid in the house of her father, Don Magnifico, and her two stepsisters. The prince, Don Ramiro, who is traveling the country to find a wife, arrives, dressed as a servant to better observe the prospective brides. He and Cenerentola are immediately attracted to each other, while Magnifico and the stepsisters flatter Dandini, Ramiro’s valet, who is disguised as his master.

Dandini invites the stepsisters to a ball. Ramiro’s tutor Alidoro, who has recognized Cenerentola’s good heart, tells her that God will reward her. At the palace, the stepsisters continue to make advances to the disguised Dandini, when Alidoro appears with a beautiful unknown lady who strangely resembles Cenerentola.

Cenerentola tells Dandini that she is in love with his “servant.” Ramiro is overjoyed, but Cenerentola leaves, telling him that she doesn’t want him to follow her. The prince resolves to win the mysterious girl. Magnifico confronts Dandini about choosing a bride and is furious when he finally realizes he is the prince’s servant.

Sometime later, Ramiro, now as himself, seeks refuge at Magnifico’s house during a storm. He and Cenerentola recognize each other, and she asks him to forgive her family for what they have done to her.

At their wedding, Magnifico tries to win the favor of the new princess, but she asks only to be acknowledged at last as his daughter.

The 2024 Met Opera Summer Encores are generously sponsored by Chris Fladlien and Bea Hanks.